Building owners can choose one or all of these services depending on their needs, and the cost will be customized based on those choices.

We use Spectra Property Management software to do accounting for each building or property. Spectra uses the building itself as the basis for tracking the expenses and income. How big is the building? How many offices? What size are the offices? How long are the leases? What is the rent for each office? All this information is entered into the software, and the reports it provides tell the owner exactly how they stand. We can provide comprehensive reports to the owner’s accountant in order to calculate taxes and plan for capital repairs or upgrades.

We use Spectra Property Management Software to analyze the income and expenses of a property and provide budgets, which the owner can use to plan for the future of the building. The list of available reports that can be provided through this software is extremely comprehensive. The software can provide information on the next 5, 10, or 15 years in order to make financially sound decisions.

We provide monthly rent payment collection and reporting, and can send off payments related to the expenses of the building. Tenants can get the status of their account and view a report showing exactly where they stand. Vendors can be paid promptly, and the status of expenses reported to the owner whenever they wish. The speed, accuracy, and simplicity of this service benefits both the building owner and tenants.

Often when a space in a building is leased, some work must be completed to make the space usable by the new tenant. We can work with the tenant, architects, engineers, and contractors to get the space built or remodeled within the construction specifications and the budget. Our office has over 20-years of experience ensuring that projects are done properly; on budget and on time.

The process of obtaining bids and choosing a vendor can be a challenge. We find qualified vendors who will work within the specifications in the contract, and ensure that the work that is done is on time and completed correctly. Whether it’s janitorial, snow removal, pest control, elevator service, a locksmith, or any service a commercial building may require, we find the correct vendor and make sure they complete their work to your standards.

We take tenant and visitor safety very seriously, and we are willing to help owners determine the types of locks, alarms, or security patrols best suited for a property. We’ll lay out the pros and cons of various security options prior to an owner spending a significant amount of money on them. We give owners the information and advice they need to choose security solutions that work for their building, tenants, and budget.

Office buildings consist of a system of complex heating and cooling equipment, electrical services, plumbing fixtures, as well as locks, doors, cabinetry… and they all need care and maintenance. In old and new buildings alike, if something breaks or isn’t working properly, it can be a challenge to figure out the best and most economical way to take care of it.

We are a “one call” service, so you can contact us with any issue. We will take it from there! Figuring out the problem and determining the best way to address it is what we do.

Many times we have the expertise to handle the issue, but if necessary, we bring in an expert to facilitate the repair. If expert service is required, we handle scheduling, and meet them to explain the issue and what steps have already been taken. A maintenance issue isn’t resolved until the system is working the way it is supposed to, so even if we bring in an outside expert, we take responsibility for that issue until it is fixed.

We are available 24/7/365 to respond to any problem or issue, with after-hours on-call maintenance engineers.

We use Building Engines to track maintenance. This system allows owners and tenants to input maintenance requests into the program, and receive updates throughout the repair process. The system also allows the entry of preventative maintenance steps to ensure that routine maintenance of equipment and systems are completed on the correct schedule.

By using this system, the building owner can know what kind of maintenance calls are being made by the tenants, as well as how efficiently they are handled by us. And, the software is accessible via smart phone or desktop computer!